About Us

About Us

At Wow! Learning, we believe that every child is an active, competent and curious learner. We live by our mission to nurture the creative confidence of every child.

Who Are We

Wow Education is a progressive and innovative learning institution, providing successful, evidence-based curricula and education resources, to establish leadership and advocacy in our role as domain specialist in Robotics, Coding and Art Learning.

Established in 2008, we collaborated with Ministry of Education to successfully implement the Programme for Active Learning (Visual Art) in primary schools.

The WowART programs was extended to preschools and we partnered the National Arts Council in providing high quality Art curricula in the Art Education Program (AEP) and Artist in School Scheme (AISS).

In 2018, we collaborated with ARTec Japan to launch the Innovator Academy for Robotics and Coding. The integrated STEM curricula nurtures children’s cognitive abilities to think critically and inventively, develop resilience in problem solving and promote their digital competencies.

Why Wow! Learning?

Our programs focuses on the learning processes to build students’ 21st Century competencies in collaboration and communication skills, to think critically and inventively to solve problems and in developing their creative expressions. 

There are lots of opportunities for hands-on experimentation, exploration and discovery, allowing children to learn and build their knowledge and competencies while engaging in purposeful play and enjoying their learning process.

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