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At Wow! Learning, we believe that every child is an active, competent and curious learner.

We live by our mission to nurture the creative confidence of every child.


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ARTec Robo 2.0 Artificial Intelligence Program

The New ARTec Robo 2.0 AI Set take into account the most recent standards and requirements of school curricula of Japan, the UK and other developed countries. 

The curricula sets up student’s understanding of the essentials on how Artificial intelligence today is used in modern machinery through the practice of programming and robotics. Concepts such as sequences, conditionals, and loops listed in the standards and requirements are explained in details for students to better understand the concept and understand its necessity for usage in programming.

ARTec Innovator Academy Early Years STEM Program

The integrated curricula of Science, Engineering, Numeracy and Technology nurtures children’s cognitive abilities to think critically and inventively, develop resilience in problem solving and at the same time promote their digital competencies while having fun building robots and learning to code.

The course offers lots of opportunities for hands-on experimentation and exploration, allowing children to learn and build their knowledge through play.   

This highly regarded program has been adopted in more than 40 countries (including Japan and Singapore) and achieved numerous good design and good toy awards. 

ARTec Robot Coding School

ARTec Robot Coding Curricula are progressive and yet easily customised to topical modules. Its high quality and well structured lesson plans breaks down complex solutions into easy to understand steps, complemented with real life application of the technology to ensure an enjoyable and fun learning and teaching experience for both students and teachers, while building Robotics and Coding knowledge.

GO! TechUp Virtual 3D Programming

Online Robot Coding Tutorials and Home Learning Extensions for students. 

Virtual 3D gamification of ARTec robots with embedded Physics engine ensure realistic visualisation of codes.

ARTec Robo 2.0 Python IOT Program

ARTec Robo 2.0 is a programmable robot designed for educational purposes. It can be controlled and programmed using Python, one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world.

The programming interface for ARTec Robo 2.0 is user-friendly and designed to be easy to learn for beginners. Users can drag and drop code blocks to create programs, or they can use Python code directly. The robot can be connected to a computer or a mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing for wireless control and programming.

Wow! ARTec Early Years STEAM Program

Children’s natural curiosity is fostered in this curriculum that combines the learning of Robotics and Coding with Art through engaging, hands-on activities that build digital competencies and boost creative confidence. The course includes numerous activities for hands-on

experimentation and exploration, allowing children to learn and grow through play.

Children will participate in Build and Code activities designed to spark their interest in early Science and Engineering while also helping them develop their digital skills. In addition, they will use their imagination and experiment with a variety of materials and techniques to create works of art.

Wow! Creative and Aesthetics Early Years Program

The lessons are designed to ignite children’s curiosity and imagination. Through exploring and experimenting with different materials, media and techniques and learning the Elements of Art, we nurture their creative confidence to express and share ideas and feelings fluently.

As approved partners of Early Childhood Development Agency and National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme and Artist In School Scheme, our facilitators are trained by our resident NAC certified art education specialist and professional art instructors. 

The desired learning outcomes are aligned to the NEL learning areas of Aesthetic and Creative Expression (Visual Art), Discovery of the World and Motor Skills Development (Fine Motor Skills).

NAC AEP Programs

Using the familiar Singapore landmark of the Supertree Sculpture and the Jigsaw Relief Sculpture (Bug), children shall learn the different Sculpturing Techniques, which includes using Wire Art and Clay to create their 3D Sculptures.

They shall apply the Art Techniques learned, like Marbling Painting and Creating Textures to apply the Elements of Art to express their ideas and feelings in the decoration of their artwork.

The process of Sculptural Art allows children to explore and experiment with different mediums and materials, honing their inventiveness and cultivating their eye-hand coordination as they perform fine motor tasks.

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