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ARTec Robot Coding School

The Innovator Academy Robot Programming School is a comprehensive three-year robotics program tested here in Japan and programming workshops across the world.


What We Offer

We offer the following key components in 80 90-minute lessons:


Detailed teacher's guidelines for every lesson


Student textbooks to teach real robotics knowledge


Applied learning missions after every lesson

Level-Up Learning

Building robots with diverse mechanisms teaches children not only how to make robots, but how they work and how to apply their knowledge. Each lesson steps up the content, keeping students engaged and having fun.

Engaging Projects

Our program offers a wide variety of robots, from the traffic signals and cars you can see in real life to two-player games which are not only fun to make, but broaden interest in the world around you.

Mastery Course

Adds an additional 18 months’ worth of advanced robotics challenges. Focusing on the three major robotics engineering fields of sensing, software and mechanics, this curriculum offers a well-rounded education in STEAM. The Mastery Course is highly recommended for kids interested in a career in science and engineering.


Program Name: ARTec Innovator Academy Robot Coding School (Levels 1 to 8)

Description: ARTec Robot Coding School high quality curricula are adopted into the Japanese schools national coding curricula for its comprehensive and progressive contents. The well structured lesson plans breaks down complex solutions into easy to understand steps to ensure an enjoyable and fun learning and teaching experience for both students and teachers. 

The lessons consists of real-life applications of the technology and the applied learning mission after every lesson hones studentsʼ newly-acquired knowledge and to exercise their digital competencies. 

Students develops their creative problem-solving capabilities, cultivate critical and inventive thinking, promote collaboration and communication skills as they apply their knowledge and work together to achieve mission goals. 

Level (Age): 8 to 9 years old   

Session Duration: 60 minutes        

No of Sessions: 96 lessons (8 Levels x 12 lessons per level)         

Coding Software: Block Programming

Hardware: ARTec Innovator Academy Robot Coding Set  

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