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ARTec Robo 2.0 Artificial Intelligence Program

The ARTec Robo 2.0 AI Set meets current standards in Japan, the UK, and other developed countries’ school curricula. It teaches students about Artificial Intelligence and its modern applications in machinery through programming and robotics. The curriculum covers key programming concepts, including sequences, conditionals, and loops, explaining their importance in detail.


What We Offer

We offer the following key components in 80 90-minute lessons:


Hands-on Experience


Programming Skills


Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Beginner Course

This program is designed for students who are new to programming and robotics. The level covers the basics of programming concepts, such as sequences, loops, and conditionals, and the fundamentals of robotics. 

Intermediate Course

This program covers advanced topics such as machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Students will learn to build and program complex robots, and apply AI concepts to solve real-world problems.

Advanced Course

This program delves into complex subjects like deep learning, neural networks, and advanced AI algorithms. Through this program, students can develop the skills required to build and program sophisticated robots capable of performing intricate tasks.

Introductory Level Intermediate Level Advanced Level

Chapter 1

Learn how to integrate AI technology into programming using Google's Teachable Machine. This chapter focuses on introducing how to use image and voice recognition on Teachable Machine

Chapter 2

Make a Smart Light that detects your voice and turns on he light. In this chapter, students will learn how to integrate voice recognition with programming and robotics.

Chapter 5

Make a Smart Car where the car detects signals and signs. The car will act according to the detected signal and signs. Later in the chapter, students will control the Smar Car with voice recognition.

Chapter 3

Build a Face Recognition Gate where the gate opens when it detects the face of a person registered. Students will learn how to integrate image recognition with programming and robotics.

Chapter 6

Make a Rock, Paper, and Scissors Robot and play the game against the robot! Students will learn how to program a robot that will use randomness to pick from rock, paper, and scissors.

Chapter 4

Build a Garbage Segregation Robot where the robot will segregate the garbage to the designated bin accordingly. Students will learn more advanced programming with image recognition.

Chapter 7

Create your own Pet Robot with programs you want your pet to do! This chapter focuses on incorporating all the skills and knowledge gained over the chapters to create original and unique programs for student's pet robots.


Program Name: ARTec Robo 2.0 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program

Description: The ARTec Robo 2.0 AI Program incorporates the most recent national school coding curricula standards and requirements in Japan and United Kingdom. The program focuses on the learning and understanding of the use of Artificial Intelligence in modern machinery through the applications of Coding and Robotics. These lessons develops coding concepts such as sequences, conditionals and loops and apply these to real life examples that incorporates AI technology.

Learn to integrate AI technology into programming using Google’s Teachable Machine. Develop robotic applications that uses voice and image recognition and learn advance programming to build and program simple interactive robots.

Level (Age): 11 years old   

Session Duration: 60 minutes        

No of Sessions: Current: 24 Lessons/ Ongoing developments     

Fee to Parents: $40 to $45 per lesson     

Coding Software: TBA

Hardware: Robo 2.0 AI Set

Program Name: ARTec Robo 2.0 Python IOT Programming

Description : Learn coding basics and the fundamentals of Python syntax and object-oriented programming. Code sensors and LED displays to make simple games, robots and instruments.

Advance to build more complex Python syntax and learn new, high level coding concepts and apply them to build videos games, simultaneous use of multiple sensors and motors and parallel processing. 

Level (Age): 12 years old

No of Sessions: Current : 48 Lessons/ Ongoing developments

Coding Software: TBA

Hardware: Robo 2.0 Python IOT Programming Set

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